Minggu, 14 Juni 2009

Cartoon of the week – 6/14

Do you know what happened on June 9, 1934? Walt Disney’s Silly Symphony short called The Wise Little Hen opened with the debut appearance of Donald Duck. That means Donald just celebrated his 75th birthday!

donald-duck in 1934 debut cartoonHe’s known nearly everywhere and his likeness is on a bazillion products, including a kitchen sponge I have that poofs up when wet but I’ve never had the heart to wet it or use it.

He’s changed just a bit since the 1934 version pictured here. He was thinner in his youth — weren’t we all? — and he seems to have had a nose beak job since then. His natty bow tie was a different color and his cap was slightly different but one thing hasn’t changed: Donald has always run around with no pants on. The wise hen doesn’t seem to mind, does she?

So Happy Birthday, Donald Duck. I suspect you’ll outlive every one of us, and that’s not such a bad thing at all.

Happy Birthday Donald Duck!

Happy 75th Birthday Donald!
Although Mickey is my favorite, I have always loved Donald! Donald, voiced by Clarence Nash, was born June 9th, 1934 when he made his cartoon debut in the Walt Disney’s Silly Symphonies “The Wise Little Hen”. While there are some that say he was actually a Pisces and born on March 13th, it is widely held that his movie debut is his actual b-day.